Mass Spectrometry Imaging Zoom seminar

Take the chance to join this Mass Spectrometry Imaging Zoom seminar on the 4th April, 15:00-16:00 (CET time). It will be given by Dr. Peter Weber from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US. Dr. Weber is an expert in NanoSIMS imaging, as well as multiphoton microscopy and coherent Raman imaging. His research focus is microanalysis, microbial ecology, soil processes, elemental and isotopic tracers, and microbial and nuclear forensics. He has analyzed a broad range of materials, worked on methods to link microbial function and identity in complex microbial communities, and has studied microbial mineralization, symbiosis, predation, nitrogen fixation, carbon fixation, carbon cycling and phosphorus uptake. Dr. Weber is interested in correlated imaging and pushing the limits of compositional sensitivity, including developing methods to analyze viruses, cell membranes, and microarrays.

Title: “NanoSIMS studies from microbial ecology to nuclear forensics: Connecting microanalysis to the world”

Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 660 8706 4352
Passcode: 210138

The ZOOM seminar will be held 15:00-16:00 including discussion, then 16:00-16:30 will be a separate informal discussion time for those that want to stay.

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