NMI Director

Hjalmar Brismar


KTH – Advanced Light Microscopy (ALM)

Platform Scientific Director: Hjalmar Brismar

Head of unit: Hans Blom

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KTH – Spatial Proteomics

Platform Scientific Director: Emma Lundberg

Head of unit: Charlotte Stadler

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GU – Center for Cellular Imaging (CCI)

Facility Director: Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez

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SU – IntraVital Microscopy Facility of Stockholm University (IVMSU)

Platform Scientific Director: Edouard Pesquet

Facility Manager: Christiane Peuckert

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UmU – Biochemical Imaging Centre Umeå (BICU)

Platform Scientific Director: Richard Lundmark

Facility Manager: Irene Martinez Carrasco

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UmU – Umeå Centre for Electron Microscopy (UCEM)

Platform Scientific Director: Linda Sandblad

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UU – BioImage Informatics (BIIF)

Platform Scientific Director: Carolina Wählby

Head of Unit: Anna Klemm

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