TEM sample preparation practical course

Welcome to a practical course on sample preparation for TEM at the NMI node UCEM in Umeå. Participants will practice TEM sample preparation and TEM imaging with a sample from their own project. The course includes Ultra-microtome sectioning, Chemical fixation, Plastic embedding, TEM imaging, High-pressure freezing & freeze substitution, Immunolabeling techniques (Immunogold, CLEM) and Volume EM (FIB-SEM & Tomography). For more information, please visit the course website, see link below.

Time: April 22-26, 2024
Registration deadline: January 27, 2024
Location: UCEM Umeå University
Weblink: https://www.umu.se/en/research/infrastructure/medicinska-fakulteten/u/umea-centre-for-electron-microscopy-ucem/courses-workshops-and-training/tem-sample-preparation-course-2024/
Contact: linda.sandblad@umu.se

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