Bioimaging course – 1.5 ECT

Arranged by the NMI BICU at the University of Umeå. The course is aimed to introduce a variety of bioimaging techniques to provide the participants with sufficient knowledge to navigate in the field of Bioimaging. February 2017.

Basic Course in SEM and TEM – 1 ECTS

The aim of this EM Basic Course is to provide basic introduction to PhD students and postdocs, who would like to work with EM methods in their projects.

DEMO workshops Bruker Fluorescence Microscopy

Experience the VUTARA 352 for correlative high speed & quantitative superresolution microscopy and multipoint live-cell confocal imaging. December 8-12 2016 at Scilifelab, Solna.

PhD student course in Cellular Imaging – 3 ECTS

Arranged by the NMI Centre for Cellular Imaging at the University of Gothenburg. The course will deal with different aspects of modern cellular and molecular microscopy. Gothenburg, April 2016.

DEMO workshops Zeiss LSM 8 family with SR Airyscan

ZEISS has recently launched the new LSM 880 and 800 with Airyscan. This opens a complete new world of confocal performance with fast and sensitive super resolution microscopy. Gothenburg, March 2016.

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